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iOS App Store Preview Videos

With the recent XBMCee¬†release we added a preview video to the app store.. This was horrible nightmare for only one reason and is a story by itself. Let’s start with the size and resolution apple recommends Native Resolution Accepted Landscape Resolutions Accepted Portrait Resolutions 5 Series 1136 x 640 (16:9) 1920 x 1080 or 1136 […]

XBMCee v1.6

All, V1.6 is submitted to app store and ready for Apple blessing Removing Google Analytics – UK users were really giving me a hard time making this a privacy issue and so removed it to avoid more bad rating (for no reason!) Now you can reorder/swap items in your now playing playlist New layout for […]

XBMCee v1.5

Getting ready for v1.5 release. Following features are added to this one Version 1.5 =========== – Network discovery option to add XBMC – Power options – Quit, Shutdown XBMC right from the app – Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – No more upscaling – Option to disable notification on KODI when CONNECTED – […]

iOS – Using a different storyboard for each device type

Auto Layout is good and something Apple is pushing really hard. However there are some cases when do not want to use auto layout or you want to have different layouts for each iOS device type. Now with iPhone 6 and 6 plus the need might arise sooner then later. Here is a quick code […]

XBMCee v1.3

Turns out that Apple is crazily delaying v1.2 approval as this time around they needed video demonstrating app capabilities. Along side they wanted to remove all wordings like – Beta, Demo etc. I believe this is tied to the new iOS feature which allows app publishers to provide a demo or trial version of their […]