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Sep 16 2014

iOS – Using a different storyboard for each device type

Auto Layout is good and something Apple is pushing really hard. However there are some cases when do not want to use auto layout or you want to have different layouts for each iOS device type. Now with iPhone 6 and 6 plus the need might arise sooner then later. Here is a quick code […]

Aug 25 2014

XBMCee v1.3

Turns out that Apple is crazily delaying v1.2 approval as this time around they needed video demonstrating app capabilities. Along side they wanted to remove all wordings like – Beta, Demo etc. I believe this is tied to the new iOS feature which allows app publishers to provide a demo or trial version of their […]

Aug 16 2014

Time to Swift

let swift = true let objective-c = false Time for a change. v1.2 will be the last release for XBMCee (unless a horrible bug comes up) on Objective-C. I will change my focus now on re-coding the whole app in Swift. Work has already begun and things are already looking good. I hope to add […]

Aug 16 2014

XBMCee v1.2 Submitted to App Store

Every day is a learning.. This time we learned a lot as to what happens when you use beta XCode to update you code. Apple flat out rejected all code which associated with iOS8 but nonetheless I was finally able to submit the app to the app store. Release Notes for Version 1.2
 This release contains […]

Jul 24 2014

XBMCee v1.2 in the works

So much to do and so little time! Hoping to release v1.2 before iOS 8 comes out. Lot of features apart from usual house keeping Movie poster instead of Fanart Movie Sets – Now you can browse movie sets New Movie information page. Also enhancements to Album page Filter by Genres/Movie Sets/Artists shows details around […]