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Hi There,
I am Vishal!

Engineer, Father and a Husband.


Hi there! Welcome to FreshLimeSoda. This is my personal space where I do random ramblings on stuff I am interested in. By profession I am a software engineer in a top finance company.

I love programming and love to do creative stuff… This days I am really into GoLang programming and building robust software solutions. Apart from coding I really enjoy watching all kind of movies, listening to music and creating music with my friends.

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Checkout my profile on Github and see project I am working on and/or forked. Due to nature of my work I do not get to post much original content on GitHub.


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As mentioned, I love making music with my friends and we post some of our good (and bad) work on SoundCloud

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Really you want to do that? Why? It is already over crowded with so many people that I don't even bother to go there.